Our actions are based on open and credible communication. This consultative approach creates trust - and works. That is why our agency has been working together for many years with many customers.


SVH MEDIA from Grebenhain is different. Our owner-managed agency has been specializing in cross-media marketing and sales communication since 2011. Always target-oriented, sometimes provocative and emotionally, we bring your brand message to the point. Passionate communication with a look ahead is our secret of success. Whether as a creative or day-to-day business agency, classic and digital - the realization of extraordinary ideas is what drives us.

We believe in "Advertise and Sell". We love ideas and stories that inspire. We help companies to achieve their marketing goals. With communication that resonates with the target group: in your head, in your stomach, in your heart. SVH MEDIA accompanies you on this way - creatively, medially and technologically.


We look into details very closely: How does the target group behave? How eye-catching do the competitors present themselves in the area? In what situation does the customer buy your product? What values do the competing brands convey? And: What positioning gaps are there? With this we create the basis for a successful marketing of your products / brand.


Strategic communication means finding the right mix of rational arguments and emotional appeal. In this way, buying impulses can be triggered in a targeted manner. The product-relevant properties and emotional values must match the perceived and lived brand identity. For us, this is the strategic basis of creation.


Our way of thinking is always holistic and based on concepts. Just creating a website is pointless. All relevant aspects such as social media or newsletter marketing and much more must always be fully integrated into the communication and marketing concept. This is the only way to create a unique position for your brand, to set it apart from competitors and to establish sustainable, bidirectional communication with your customers.


The media implementation takes place on the basis of the previously created concept. We have the most modern software solutions and professional know-how. After the finished design, we take over the coordination of newsletter campaigns, print jobs or the placement of advertisements. We accompany your product through subsequent response analyzes and keep an eye on your social media activities. And all from one single source...!


Advertisements are really noticed only if they are in the right place at the right time. We offer a wide range of marketing measures to target people where they are. We fight for your success in these disciplines!

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